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Who says Easter should mark the end of your 2018 health kick? Or that you should go egg-less because of particular dietary requirements? Not WH. Especially because the variety of healthy Easter eggs on the market is growing faster than Gemma Atkinson’s Instagram following.

Whether you’re dairy-free, wheat-free and even sugar-free, or simply prefer to purchase eco-friendly products, there’s the perfect Easter egg out there for you. The even better news? All of those egg-sellent health credentials don’t come in place of finger-licking, chocolate-fix flavour.

We’ve collected the best sweet solutions for many a health need. Keep scrolling to get cracking on the eggs that get the WH vote.


Chococo 65% MegaMilk 

Not a fan of the dark stuff but keen to get maximum health kicks from your chocolatey indulgence? Look no further. This egg may have the appearance – and taste – of milk chocolate, but it boasts nearly as many cocoa solids as 70% dark chocolate and it contains less sugar than even the 80% dark stuff. In short, it’s the best of both.

Health easter eggs-chococo

Chococo 65% MegaMilk Egg, £18, chococo.co.uk

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Booja-Booja Organic Hazelnut Crunch Large Egg 

Want dairy-free but with that melt-in-the-mouth chocolate taste? Well, get your paws on this. Each truffle inside the handpainted keep-sake casing is a mashup of Italian roasted hazelnuts and a delicious truffled chocolate. And if that wasn’t enough, this free-from egg was voted tastiest Easter egg in the UK in the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Easter rankings. Warning: moreish doesn’t even cover it.


Healthy easter eggs, booja-booja organic hazelnut crunch large egg

Booja-Booja Organic Hazelnut Crunch Large Egg, £24.99, ocado.com


Hotel Chocolat Hard-Boiled 100% Dark 

Forget 70% dark chocolate, or 85% even. This offering goes the whole shebang with a 100% dark chocolate egg from Saint Lucia. It comes studded with raisins and almonds – so no need to worry about a bitter aftertaste, and there are even Gianduja hazelnuts truffles on the side. Take those chocolate health benefits and max them.

Health easter eggs-hotel chocolat


Hotel Chocolat Hard-Boiled 100% Dark Egg, £16, hotelchocolat.com

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Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Egg with Cacao Nibs 

Eat your Easter egg with a clean conscience thanks to this tasty offering that not only comes with health-boosting cacao nibs but also biodegradable packaging. It basically ticks all the boxes.

healthy easter eggs, montezuma's dark chocolate egg with cacao nibs


Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Egg With Cacao Nibs, £8.99, montezumas.co.uk


Waitrose Dark Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg

Prepare for an Easter miracle. The Waitrose gods have answered all your avocado prayers by creating avo Easter egg. Just in case you weren’t getting enough of the green stuff by adding it to every single meal already. Fear not though, you’re still getting your chocolate fix as this deceptive shell is nothing other than pure 70% Belgian chocolate. Best of both worlds you could say?

Healthy easter eggs, waitrose avocado chocolate easter egg


Waitrose Dark Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg, £8, waitrose.com


Celtic Choices Free From Dairy Egg

This 60% cocoa egg is designed to look like a cocoa pod, acknowledging the purity of the harvest-dry-roast process they put their cocoa beans through. The chocolate is so clean you can’t even tell that it’s free-from. Another one for vegans too.

Healthy easter eggs, celtic choices free from egg

Celtic Choices Free From Dairy Egg, £6.99, Ocado


Waitrose Chocolate Almond Egg Selection

If you really want to stay healthy on Easter Sunday, this egg selection will help you on your way. The roasted almonds are coated in marbled milk and dark chocolate to make mini eggs, so you can have a healthy snack and still get your Easter sweet fix. Win.

Healthy easter eggs, waitrose chocolate almong eggs

Waitrose Chocolate Almond Egg Selection, £5.99, Ocado


Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs

These mini eggs are so chocolatey you’ll only need one or two to beat your Easter Sunday sugar cravings. What’s more, the 70% cocoa is so smooth you won’t want the Cadburys ones ever again.

Healthy easter eggs, lindt excellence mini eggs copy

Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs, £4, Sainsbury’s



Cocoa Libre Milk Chocolate Chicks 

If devouring a whole chocolate egg isn’t quite your thing but you still want to get into the seasonal spirit, keep a pack of these little delights in your desk drawer. They’re dairy-free and suitable for coeliacs – in case anyone’s asking – but because they’re made using rice milk, they are deliciously creamy. The added bonus? You get ten in a packet so your Easter treats can go nom. And nom.

Health easter eggs-cocoa libre


Cocoa Libre Milk Chocolate Chicks, £3.99, cocoalibre.co.uk


As Raw As Easter Hamper

Made using three varieties of antioxidant-rich raw cacao plus other superfood ingredients such as raw honey, Goji berries, activated nuts, inulin and buckwheat groats, the bars, truffles and discs in this chocolate box are in a word – healthylicious. Pick and mix your dream hamper, choosing from flavour combos that include strawberry milk and pumpkin seed; orange and Goji; and cashew and caramac. And before you ask, yes, they’re vegan and paleo friendly.

Healthy easter eggs-as raw as hamper v3

As Raw As Easter Hamper, from £25, asrawas.com

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