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Health podcasts are having a moment. The proof is in Google with ever-increasing numbers of you typing ‘best health podcasts’ into search.

But what to do when faced with a never-ending list of results – some of which could be grand; others which could be guff? Particularly when all you want to do is download and go. You’re running late for work / drinks / a run, as it is.

Yes, that’s right. Your run. It might sound unusual but now could be the time to replace your usual Spotify playlist with one of the best health podcasts. According to Canadian researchers, when you run to music, your brain will naturally synchronise your movements to the beat of the music. Meaning if you’re going on a long run, you’re more likely to stick to a consistent pace, rather than mixing up your speed and intensity.

Running without the beat of the music, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to be more aware of your cadence and stride, allowing you to reassess your goals and performance. In short, less chance of getting into an exercise rut and hitting a plateau. Worth a shot, right?

Find out more about how to start running and what can help improve your technique.

To start you off on your best health podcasts journey, the WH team have revealed what keeps them going. So, what are you waiting for? Download these WH best health podcasts to your phone, now.

You’re welcome.

Best health podcasts

1. The Doctor’s Kitchen: Principle 4 – Eat Plants

Find out more about five different health principles and learn how to embrace them yourself, with the discussions led by NHS GP Dr Rupy Aujla and his panel of nutritional experts. In the fifth episode of his podcast, Dr Aujla speaks to nutrition expert Ben Brown about plant-based eating and the similarities and differences between the many dietary options available these days. Having overcome his own medical conditions by making simple dietary changes, he’s living proof that, when it comes to food, you really are what you eat.

The highlight? When Dr Aujla and Brown discuss the practicalities of how to actually include more plants in your meals. Been inspired? Try these three plant-based recipes that boost energy levels.  

2. The Emma Guns Show: Iskra Lawrence

Writer, presenter and former OK! beauty editor Emma Gunavardhana discusses health, beauty and wellness with experts from the industry. In this episode, she talks to model Iskra Lawrence about how to practice self-care and ignore negative influences.

The highlight? The debate over social media takes this episode to another level. The pair discuss whether it can be a positive influence or whether it is simply a tool that lowers women’s self-esteem, both at schools, and in adulthood.

3. Dr Chatterjee: Gut Health with Professor Tim Spector

Dr Chatterjee has practiced medicine for nearly 20 years and hosts BBC programme Doctor In The House, where he helps families plan their lives around healthier choices. Here, he meets with Tim Spector, Professor of Genetics and author of The Diet Myth, to learn the truth behind common health myths, in particular in relation to gut health, and to get advice on healthy living. Think you’re already pretty clued up? Can you name all seven surprising foods your gut wants you to eat?

The highlight? When they discuss the microbes that line the digestive system – it’s really informative and teaches you a lot about one of the fundamental systems in the body, that is often forgotten about when it comes to food and lifestyle.

4. Talking Taste Buds: James Duigan: Ditching the Diet

TV presenter and lover of cooking Venetia Falconer hosts a different health or fitness-related guest each week to discuss their food preferences and whether they eat for pleasure or simply for health.

In this episode, she speaks to James Duigan, personal trainer and founder of Bodyism gym, about his personal health philosophies, how he was homeless when he first moved to London, and what kind of food he now cooks for his three kids.

The highlight? James talks about how, as a child, he suffered from ADHD. He explains how he healed his body from the inside and managed to tackle his symptoms through changing his diet.

Want to work out like Duigan? Try this Bodyism workout.

5. Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat: Start Here: The Science of Being Happier at Work

Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat was started by Twitter’s Vice President of Europe Bruce Daisley, at a time when he noticed that work seemed to increasingly spill over into his and his friends’ personal lives. Each week he speaks to experts in different fields about how you can increase productivity at work and develop a heathy balance.

The highlight? When Daisley discusses how stress is often what motivates people at work – but also what can fast-track you to burnout. This, in turn, means that there is less productivity in work environments because people aren’t letting their brains rest. Read this for more on how to beat work stress.

6. Hidden Brain: Just Sex

Shankar Vedantam, an American journalist and science correspondent hosts this podcast that looks at the hidden patterns behind human behaviour, and how these patterns affect life decisions and relationships.

If you’re curious about the psychology of the world – why people do the things they do – this illustrates it in an interesting, relatable way. In this episode, Vedantam talks to sociologist Lisa Wade about casual sex.

The highlight? When they discuss why ‘hook-up culture’ exists and how current attitudes are different to those of the past.

7. Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews: How Cassandra Lost 25 Pounds & 6% Body Fat In Just 90 Days

Mike Matthews, author of Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger uses his podcast to give advice on all aspects of fitness, tailored to men and women. Here, Matthews meets with one of his clients to discuss how she achieved her weight-loss transformation.

The highlight? When they discuss how Cassandra overcame her embarrassment of going to the gym. There are so many women who face that same problem and this gives some great advice on how to tackle that.

8. At Home With…: Liz Earle

This series is hosted by lifestyle content creators Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton. They visit homes of inspirational women to discuss how they got where they are and find out what they’re like behind closed doors.

In this episode, they meet with Liz Earle, founder of Liz Earle Wellbeing and Liz Earle Beauty, and find out how she built her wellness brand and led it to success.

The highlight? When they get advice from Earle on how to achieve a healthy work-life balance. They also trial Earle’s wellness secrets. DIY at home with this homemade face mask for glowing skin. 



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