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For some, January is an opportunity to rediscover the joy of meal-prep and try to finally make use of the cookbooks they’ve had gathering dust.

For WH staffers, January is a time to forget what day of the week it is as we struggle to juggle the best in new gym openings, kit launches and new training trends (tiny violin, we know).

One downside of this jam-packed schedule is the severe lack of cooking time available. So, instead of letting herself become a walking nutrition hypocrite, Social Media Editor Francesca Menato called on the help of Deliveroo.

“Deliveroo,” you say. “Isn’t that a takeaway service?” Yes, it is. However, with more and more healthy takeway options appearing in the palm of your hand, it’s not all pizza to your door.

They’re even catering to vegans with the most ordered plant-based dishes on Deliveroo coming from London restaurant, Mildreds (Sri Lankan Sweet Potato and Green Bean Curry for the record).

And considering a new survey from Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life shows that 80% of you are more likely to prioritise mental and physical wellbeing than ever before – eating well sits under this umbrella – developing an unhealthy relationship with the ready meal aisle of Morrisons wasn’t going to happen.

[Ed’s note: There are healthy microwave meals available but her go-to Chicken Korma is not one of them]

Over to Francesca to share what happened when she ordered healthy takeaway for lunch and dinner via Deliveroo.

Here are just some of the ahem, takeaways.

1. Stating The Obvious But, It Does Save You So Much Time

Unsurprisingly the main benefit of getting your food delivered is the time you save on cooking. But seriously, I turned this into a fine art.

There are certain areas where all mobile data goes to die in London and a good portion of these are on my bus ride home. However, if perfectly timed I could place an order when I got off the tube and arrive home with 10 minutes of headphone-untangling-puffa-coat-wrangling time before my food was at my door.

When you’re getting home late and famished after a workout this is a godsend.

Similarly on a day when I had no time to take a lunch break – not something I advocate or agree with but some days it happens – the arrival of Pure salad was a dream.

2. You Need To Change Your Mentality Towards ‘Takeaways’

As a person who tends to save takeaways for hangovers and holiday returns I have a habit of gluttonous ordering.

I live in an area full of burger and pizza. Seriously, we’ve got the place that had everyone queuing down the street (thanks Time Out). On indulgent days this is ideal but as we all know, every day can’t be a indulgent day.

It took a decent amount of fortitude but I scrolled past my favourite burger joint (bacon jam anyone?) and found the healthy takeaway options, of which there are plenty. With vegan orders up 147% and 20,000 dishes available there’s no excuse really.

Ok, so I may have ordered a burger once…

3. Eating Real Lunches = Smarter Snacking

I am a serial snacker. I am always eating.

Well, at least this was the case before my Deliveroo experiment. Eating a satisfying lunch left me much less likely to crave a sweet chaser, and the 4pm tea break didn’t need to come with biscuits.

Only problem? I like biscuits, a lot. Some days I ate them even when I wasn’t hungry because for me, ‘I snack, therefore I am’.

4. Discovering The Macros / Calories In Your Favourite Foods Can Be Heart-Breaking

‘Reorder: Chicken Thighs’, this used to appear at the top of the Nandos section of my app. I had clicked it a few times. Then I spoke to someone in the office – let’s call him the dream crusher – who mentioned off hand about the ‘surprising’ macros in some Nandos meals.

Read here how a nutritionist would order at Nandos.

I researched my order on their website, which is one of the most transparent when it comes to nutritional information, and I faced this harsh reality: Chicken Thighs are one of the most calorific orders this Portuguese-inspired eatery has to offer.

Don’t be too sad for me though, I switched to Butterfly and saved a whopping 200 kcals.

5. You May Even Save Money

OK, I’m not going to lie and say Deliveroo is cheaper than meal prepping all your food and reigning supreme as Tupperware queen of the office.

That said, there are days when I forget, or don’t make, lunch and buy the cheapest meal deal on offer in central London. What follows is a mid-afternoon splurge on coffee and snacks in a desperate attempt to satisfy my stomach. Total spend? Not that different.

Ordering breakfast, lunch and dinner may be excessive, but sometimes that Roo charge is worth every penny.

Quick Stats

  • Nandos orders: 6
  • Times food arrived while in shower with shampoo in hair: 1
  • Number of times the dog photobombed food pics: 10
  • People with food envy: 8
  • Pancakes delivered: 4

Nationwide Healthy Restaurants On Deliveroo

  • Pure
  • Chop’d
  • Pret A Manger
  • LEON
  • Itsu
  • Vital Ingredient
  • Crussh
  • Abokado
  • Pod
  • YO! Sushi
  • ASK Italian
  • Zizzi’s
  • Tortilla
  • wagamama
  • Vita Mojo
  • Simple Health Kitchen
  • Le Pain Quotidien


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